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Release and regeneration in water


Hydrotherapy treatment is adjusted and individually designed in order to improve the quality of life and reduce the level of discomfort and/or pain
In a holistic approach, we will work together to implement the treatment method

that is adapted to your needs

30 minutes 

The water provides a soft and supportive environment, which eases the burden on the body. Working in the water allows free movement and dispersal of minimal resistance on the part of the water, thus physical practice and improvement of movement capacity can be performed without increased load on the nervous system and muscles.

Water treatment can include a variety of physical and movement exercises, such as swimming, walking in water, exercises to strengthen muscles, posture and balance exercises, stretching, and more. The water provides compressions and vibrations that reduce the tension on the body, thus relieving pain.

Hydrotherapy treatment

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  • 30 minutes

    Private hydrotherapy treatment, one on one, customized

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